Gustavo Mera Technician

Gustavo Mera

International Technical Department Manager

Gustavo Mera was born in Quito-Ecuador in October 18th 1969. He graduated from high school in 1987 at the Colegio Militar Eloy Alfaro with the specialty in Chemistry and Biology. After this experience with the Ecuadorian Army he moved on and studied three years Veterinary Medicine then two years of Business Administration while started working at Banco Amazonas.
In October 1994 came to the United States of America, as all immigrants Gustavo arrived dreaming with better days, his country at the time was struggling with a severe economical crisis.

Thirteen years later Gustavo was able to adjust his legal status. Many years has been passed, many badly paid jobs, uncertainty and hardship were the result of his decision to live the American dream. However, God always provides for the best.

Later. He went back to school and graduates from ITT Technical Institute, top of his class, earning twice The Valedictorian Scholastic Achievement and graduating with The Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Communications Engineering Technology. This accomplishment opened the opportunity to work in different places, even while he was studding. Gustavo has worked for: Boston Scientific, JL Audio, Tele-radio America, Diamed Caribbean and currently works for US Ophthalmic.

At US Ophthalmic the Eng. Gustavo Mera is applying all the knowledge learned through his professional career and work experience. He is a full breed Field Engineer, capable to learn about new technologies and solve complicated problems. His goal at USO is to help to stablish the culture where customers get 100% satisfaction, buying the Best Quality High-Tech Ophthalmic Equipment, which meets, all regulatory requirements.