Ezer – Digital Refractor – EDR-9000

The Ezer EDR-9000 Digital Refractor features a high-resolution touch-screen LCD providing eye care providers functionality, convenience, and comfort. The recently re-engineered Ezer EDR-9000 offers many advanced features in one attractive package. It’s designed to network with a complete digital practice platform.
The full range of advanced vision tests and charts provided is impressive. Your practice will benefit from improved exam efficiency using the capabilities to link charts and instrument functionality to measurements and patient record documentation – all at the push of a button. Impress your patients with the speed and efficiency of the exam process. They’ll be confident that they are getting the best exam possible.
The Ezer EDR 9000 is a quality built instrument, delivering full digital integration, in a quiet elegant package. This is a refraction system that delivers reliability and value. When you compare, you will be impressed!

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digital refractor edr-9000 ezer - us ophthalmic

Dual Cross Cylinder Lenses

A Dual Cross Cylinder (split prism) allows the patient to simultaneously view the plus and minus cross cylinder lens, eliminating the need to remember which is better, 1 or 2. The exam is easier and less confusing for the patients and more precise – with 1 degree access refinements. When integrated with the Ezer ERK 9000 auto refractor/keratometer very little refinement is required for most patients.

digital refractor edr-9000 ezer - us ophthalmic
View of the doctor to the patient
digital refractor edr-9000 ezer - us ophthalmic
View of the patient to the screen

digital refractor edr-9000 ezer - us ophthalmic

Advanced Engineering

The advanced design incorporates high quality motors that change quickly and reduce sounds when changing lens, which will ensure many years of reliable operation.

digital refractor edr-9000 ezer - us ophthalmic

Full complement of patient education and special testing charts

When integrated with the Ezer ECP 5400 the EDR 9000, it provides the operator with more patient education, special testing and color charts than any refraction system currently on the market, placing improved diagnostic efficiency at your fingertips.

digital refractor edr-9000 ezer - us ophthalmic

Objective and Subject Compare Functions

The Ezer EDR-9000 also provides 6 test modes that allow you to quickly compare your objective test results and multiple subjective test result for final verification of change. For example, the operator can quickly compare the previous Rx to the new Rx, or day and night vision corrections, which will remove patient doubts about their need for a new and personalized prescription.

digital refractor edr-9000 ezer - us ophthalmic

Elegant User-Friendly Keypad

The Ezer EDR-9000 provides an elegant keypad with well organized keys grouped by function. Shortcut options are also possible for further ease of use. An 8-inch LCD touch panel puts chart selection, and many other efficiency functions, at fingertip control.

Additional information

Measurement Range Spherical Lens

-29.00 ~ +26.75D (Regular)
-19.00 ~ +16.75D (Cross Cylinder, Prism Test)
(Step: 0.12D / 0.25D / 0.5D / 1D / 2D / 3D)

Measurement Range Cylinder Lens

0.00 ~ 8.75D
(Step: 0.25D / 0.5D / 1D / 2D / 3D)

Measurement Range Cylinder Axis

0 ~ 180°
(Step: 1° / 5° / 15° / 30° / 45°)

Measurement Range Pupil Distance

Far 2 ~ 3.15in
Near 1.8 ~ 3in
(Step: 0.019 / 0.039in)

Measurement Range Working Distance

14 ~ 28in
(Step: 2in)

Measurement Range Rotary Prism

0 ~ 20Δ
(Step: 0.1Δ / 0.2Δ / 0.5Δ / 1Δ / 2Δ)

Measurement Range Cross Cylinder

Jackson Cross Cylinder ± 0.25D
Jackson Cross Cylinder ± 0.50D
Dual Cross Cylinder

Measurement Range Retinoscopy Lens

+1.5D, +2.0D (Test Distance 24in, 20in)


14(W) x 4(D) x 11.7(H) in, 7.7lb


8.4(W) x 9(D) x 8.9(H) in, 3.3lb

Junction Box

10.5(W) x 2.4(D) x 9.4(H) mm, 2.2lb

Power Supply

AC 100 ~ 240V, 50 / 60 Hz

Power Consumption


Open / Close Lens

Open / Close Select

Pin Hole Lens


Maddox Rod

Right Eye (Horizontal Red), Left Eye (Vertical Red)

Red / Green Filter

Right Eye(Red), Left Eye(Green)

Polarized Light Filter

Right Eye (135°, 45°), Left Eye (45°, 135°)

Separating Prism

Right Eye(6ΔBU), Left Eye (10ΔBI can be added to 0 ~ 5Δ)

PD Test Lens

On / Off Select

Fixed Cross Cylinder Lens

Jackson Cross Cylinder ±0.50D, Axis Fixation 90°

Vision Degrees




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