Digital Lensmeter ELM-9000C

If you are looking for the latest technology, the Ezer ELM-9000C Digital Lensmeter is for you; Do more in less time.
The ELM-9000C simplifies and modernizes lensometry. This high-tech lensmeter features auto detection of progressive lenses, an easy-to-replace lens marking unit, UV measurement, a PD measure that detects movement, a built-in printer, and so much more. Whether you’re measuring single vision lenses, sunglasses, progressives or contact lenses, this advanced automatic lensmeter won’t disappoint. You and your staff will appreciate the many benefits of automation and advanced features when selecting the ELM-9000C. Outstanding functionality, tremendous versatility and speed make this a truly special device. What’s more, you and your staff will obtain accurate lens measurements every time. The intuitive full-graphic LCD touch screen guides operators through the process, reducing stress and errors.

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lensmeter elm-9000c ezer - us ophthalmic

All-Lens Measurement

The ELM-9000C offers the utmost in flexibility by accurately measuring all lens types— including progressives, which are automatically detected. There also is no need to adjust the ABBE number with the ELM-9000C.

lensmeter elm-9000c ezer - us ophthalmic

Wide Measurement Range

The ELM-9000C offers a wide measurement range of -25.00 – +25.00 and can measure sphere, cylinder and prism at the same time.

lensmeter elm-9000c ezer - us ophthalmic

Intuitive User Environment

Operators will enjoy the full-graphic LCD display, which walks them through every step of the lens measurement process with noticeable icons.

Contact Lens Measurement

The ELM-9000C offers fast and accurate measurement data of hard and soft contact lenses.

lensmeter elm-9000c ezer - us ophthalmic

High-Resolution LCD

The ELM-9000C features a 7-inch full-graphic LCD screen with 120 degrees of tilt for added comfort.

lensmeter elm-9000c ezer - us ophthalmic

Lens Marking Device

The high-quality lens-marking device delivers accuracy every time and is easy to replace after it’s long life.

lensmeter elm-9000c ezer - us ophthalmic

lensmeter elm-9000c ezer - us ophthalmic

PD Measurement

The ELM-9000C features a high-tech PD measurement that automatically detects lens motion.

lensmeter elm-9000c ezer - us ophthalmic

UV Transmittance Levels

No matter the prescription, the ELM-9000C accurately measures UV transmittance without the need for compensation.

lensmeter elm-9000c ezer - us ophthalmic

Automatic Printer

Once your readings are complete, a built-in, high-speed printer quickly generates the results.

Additional information

Spherical Power (SPH)

-25.00 ~ +25.00D (VD 0.48in)
Increments: 0.01/0.06/0.12/0.25D

Cylinderical Power (CYL)

0.00 ~ ±10.00D
Increments: 0.01/0.06/0.12/0.25D
Form : -/+/+-


1 ~ 180°
Increments: 1°

Addition Power

0.00 ~ ±10.00D
Increments: 0.01/0.06/0.12/0.25D

Prism Power

0.00 ~ 10.00∆
Increments: 0.01/0.06/0.12/0.25∆
Form : OFF/X-Y/P-B

Pupil Distance(PD)

0.4 ~ 3.15 in

Applicable Lens Type

Single Lens / Double Focal Lens / Three focal Lens / Progressive Multifocal Lens
Hard Contact Lens / Soft Contact Lens (a special accessory is required respectively)

Lens Diameter

0 ~ 4in

Data Out


Internal Printer

Thermal printer


7.0 inch TFT COLOR LCD Monitor, Touch

Operation Environment

Temperature : +10℃ ~ +40℃
Humidity : 30% ~ 90% RH
Atmospheric pressure range : 70 kPa ~ 106 kPa
Shock (without packaging) : 10g / 6ms

Storage and Environmental Condition

Temperature : -40℃ ~ +70℃
Humidity : 10% ~ 95% RH
Atmospheric pressure range : 50 kPa ~ 106 kPa
Shock : 30g / 6ms
Permanent shock : 10g / 6ms
Oscillate(sine curve) : 10Hz ~ 500Hz, 0.5g

Power Supply

AC100V ~ 240V. 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

25 ~ 50VA


7(W) x 10(D) x 19(H) in


11.55 lb



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