Ezer – Auto Refractor Keratometer – ERK-9200

Ezer ERK-9200 Autorefractor Keratometer Aberrometer is fast, precise, durable, and affordable.
The Ezer ERK-9200 is a powerful, accurate diagnostic tool, providing physicians with quick and reliable data. The flexible and intuitive operational mode of this fully featured equipment allows ophthalmologists to conduct exams more quickly, and gather plenty of precise information about patient’s eyes conditions. Because this unit combines the functionality of an automatic refractometer, a keratometer, and an aberrometer in one easy-to-use equipment, the Ezer ERK-9200 measures perfectly the corneal curvature, refractive errors, and higher visual aberrations until the third-order. This makes it the best option for eye doctors who need precise data in order to issue prescriptions for contact lenses, eyeglasses, and to diagnose eye conditions. Easy to use, affordable, and more accurate than just about any other autorefractor keratometer aberrometer on the market, the Ezer ERK-9200 is the best choice for any ophthalmologist practice!

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Additional information

Measurement Mode - R / K Mode

Successive Refractometry & Keratometry

Measurement Mode - Ref Mode


Measurement Mode - Ker Mode


Measurement Mode - CLBC Mode

Contact lens base curve measurement

Refractometry - Vertex Distance (VD)

0.0, 0.47, 0.53, 0.6 in

Refractometry - Sphere (SPH)

-25.00 ~ +22.00 D (0.12 D / 0.25 D)

Refractometry - Cylinder (CYL)

0.00 ~ +/-10.00D

Refractometry - Axis(AX)

0 ~ 180°

Refractometry - Cylinder Form

-, +, +/-

Refractometry - Pupil Distance (PD)

0.4 ~ 3.34 in

Refractometry - Minimum Pupil Diameter

Ø 0.08 in

Keratometry - Radius of Curvature

0.19 ~ 0.4 in

Keratometry - Corneal Power

33 ~ 67.50 D

Keratometry - Corneal Astigmatism

0.00 ~ -15.00 D (0.12 / 0.25 D)

Keratometry - Axis (AX)


Keratometry - Corneal Diameter

0.078 ~ 0.47in


Thermal / Auto cutting

Power Saving

Nominate by 3, 5, 10 Minutes


8 Inch 24 bit colored TFT LCD

Power Supply

100 ~ 240V~, 50/60Hz, 50-70VA

Chinrest Movement

Max, 65mm, Motorized operating


11.22(W) X 21(D) X 17.2(H) in







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