Ezer – Biometer – EUS-1800A

Ezer EUS-1800 A is a high-end yet cost-effective Ultrasonic A-Scan Biometer delivering easy and fast diagnostic.
A-scan ultrasound is an essential part of ophthalmic practice and an indispensable tool, particularly in the preoperative evaluation of cataract surgery patients. The Ezer EUS-1800 A technique takes multiple, accurate readings and offers a wealth of features that will help you deliver better patient care and select an appropriate intraocular lens (IOL) power for cataract patients. With the EUS-1800 A you will enjoy a full range of features in a portable, sleek design that offers an easy-to-use color touch LCD screen.

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ultrasonic cleanner gru-5000A Gilras - us ophthalmic

10MHz A Scan Probe

The Ezer EUS-1800 A offers a 10MHz A-Scan Probe that allows for precise and accurate axial length measurements each and every time.

ultrasonic cleanner gru-5000A Gilras - us ophthalmic

Several Measuring Modes

Contact and immersion measuring allow for automatic readings in four different modes: Normal, Cataract, Aphakic and Special. Manual measuring is also available.

Automatic Readings

The EUS-1800 A automatically takes eight readings for one group. Users can manually adjust reading results at any time during the automatic measuring.

ultrasonic cleanner gru-5000A Gilras - us ophthalmic

IOL Calculation

IOL calculation is simple and reliable with the EUS-1800 A. Select from six different formulae SRK-II, SRK-T, BINKHOST-II, HOLLADAY, HOFFER-Q, and HAIGIS. You can even compare results of different formulae.

ultrasonic cleanner gru-5000A Gilras - us ophthalmic

Color LCD Touch Screen

Biometry has never been easier thanks to the smart, menu-guided color touch screen users will enjoy when selecting the EUS-1800 A.

ultrasonic cleanner gru-5000A Gilras - us ophthalmic

Built-in Printer

For added efficiency, this compact unit even features a built-in thermal printer that offers user-defined printing options.

ultrasonic cleanner gru-5000A Gilras - us ophthalmic

Data Management

With the EUS-1800 A, you can store as many as 180 patient records for convenient archiving. Alternately, you can connect the system to a PC and automatically store as much data as you need.

Additional information

A-Scan Probe

10MHz with Fixation red Light

A-Scan LCD Size


A-Scan Dimension / Weight

17 x 10 x 12 in / 8.5 lb

A-Scan Total Gain

≥ 100dB

A-Scan Biometry Accuracy

≤ ± 0.002in

A-Scan Resolution


A-Scan Measuring Range

0.59 – 1.57in

A-Scan Measuring Mode

Contact, Immersion Mode

A-Scan Measuring Parameters

Anterior Chamber Depth, Lens Thickness, Vitreous Length and Axial Length

A-Scan Different Measure Modes

Automatic (for Normal, Cataract, Aphakic and Special)

A-Scan 8 Auto Readings

Manually adjust auto measuring readings during auto measuring

A-Scan IOL Formula

8 Groups of Readings for Average, SD


10MHz A Probe
Test Object
PC Suite
AC Adapter



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