Ezer – Biometer + Pachymeter – EUS-1800 AP

Ezer EUS-1800 A/P is a cost-effective Ultrasonic A-Scan Biometer Pachymeter which eliminates signal loss and delivers amazing, clear images.
The EUS-1800 A/P combines two indispensable tools into one compact unit. This Ezer unit allows for both A-Scan biometry as well as pachymetry. As an essential part of ophthalmic practice, the A-scan ultrasound is crucial in the preoperative evaluation of cataract surgery patients. The Ezer EUS-1800 A/P technique takes multiple, accurate readings, and offers a wealth of features that will help you deliver better patient care and select an appropriate intraocular lens (IOL) power for cataract patients. Likewise, you can count on the precise corneal pachymetry readings that you’ll achieve with the EUS-1800 A/P. Whether you are comanaging LASIK, screening for keratoconus, preparing for LRI surgery, or going the extra mile with your glaucoma patients, this unit is programmed with all the features and data tools that you will need. You’ll get all this and more in a portable, sleek design when you choose the EUS-1800 A/P.

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ultrasonic cleanner EUS-1800AP ezer - us ophthalmic

Dual Scanning Probes

The Ezer EUS-1800 A/P offers a 10MHz A-Scan Probe that allows for precise and accurate axial length measurements each and every time, while the 20MHz Pachymetry probe helps practitioners determine corneal thickness.

ultrasonic cleanner EUS-1800AP ezer - us ophthalmic

Several A-Scan Measuring Modes

Contact and immersion measuring allow for automatic readings in four different modes: Normal, Cataract, Aphakic and Special. Manual measuring is also available.

ultrasonic cleanner EUS-1800AP ezer - us ophthalmic

Automatic A-Scan Readings

The EUS-1800 A/P automatically takes eight readings for one group. Users can manually adjust reading results at any time during the automatic measuring.

ultrasonic cleanner EUS-1800AP ezer - us ophthalmic

IOL Calculation

IOL calculation is simple and reliable with the EUS-1800 A/P. Select from six different formulae: SRK-II, SRK-T, BINKHOST-II, HOLLADAY, HOFFER-Q, and HAIGIS. You can even compare results of different formulae.

ultrasonic cleanner EUS-1800AP ezer - us ophthalmic

Accurate Corneal Thickness

The EUS-1800 A/P takes automatic readings for corneal thickness. Select from multiple or single point readings.

ultrasonic cleanner EUS-1800AP ezer - us ophthalmic

IOP Parameters

Standard CCT and IOL coefficient provide an excellent reference in glaucoma care and tonometry measurements. Corneal thickness distribution map allows for even more useful detail.

ultrasonic cleanner EUS-1800AP ezer - us ophthalmic

User-Defined Interface

Complete control is at your fingertips with the EUS-1800 A/P. This unit allows you to define acoustic velocity, IOP parameters, printing options and so much more.

ultrasonic cleanner EUS-1800AP ezer - us ophthalmic

Standard Deviation

The EUS-1800 A/P provides S.D. (Standard Deviation) to assist you in evaluating reading reliability.

ultrasonic cleanner EUS-1800AP ezer - us ophthalmic

Color LCD Touch Screen

Biometry has never been easier thanks to the smart, menu-guided color touch screen users will enjoy when selecting the EUS-1800 A/P.

ultrasonic cleanner EUS-1800AP ezer - us ophthalmic

Built-in Printer

For added efficiency, this compact unit even features a built-in thermal printer that offers user-defined printing options.

ultrasonic cleanner EUS-1800AP ezer - us ophthalmic

Data Management

With the EUS-1800 A/P, you can store as many as 180 patient records for convenient archiving. Alternately, you can connect the system to a PC and automatically store as much data as you need.

Additional information

A-Scan Probe

10MHz with Fixation red Light

A-Scan Total Gain

≥ 100dB

A-Scan Biometry Accuracy

≤ ± 0.002in

A-Scan Resolution


A-Scan Measuring Range

0.59 – 1.57in

A-Scan Measuring Mode

Contact, Immersion Mode

A-Scan Measuring Parameters

Anterior Chamber Depth, Lens Thickness, Vitreous Length and Axial Length

A-Scan Different Measure Modes

Automatic (for Normal, Cataract, Aphakic and Special)

A-Scan 8 Auto Measuring Readings

Manually adjust auto measuring readings during auto measuring

A-Scan IOL Formula


Pachymeter Probe Frequency

15-20 MHz

Pachymeter Display Resolution

1 µ

Pachymeter Biometry Accuracy

≤ ± 5 µm

Pachymeter Measuring Scope

230-1200 µm
Multiple corneal maps with graphical display


10MHz P Probe
Test Object
PC Suite
AC Adapter



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