Ezer – Digital Chart LCD Panel – EDC-2600

Ezer EDC-2600 is a modern digital chart with a 24 inches LCD screen and amazing features. Is a digital chart that provides necessary chart for visual acuity measurement and images for additional explanations.
Say goodbye to complicated mirror systems. With the EDC-2600 you can enjoy better clarity in almost any exam space. The chart size automatically calibrates to the working distance. This 24 LCD loads charts and pictures quickly and silently. With the EDC-2600, you can switch out software any time you wish. Masking functions and an explanatory eye diagram are features you and your patients will appreciate. With multiple mounting options and auto-off, this is a must-have item in any modern practice. It provides a variety of basic charts for visual acuity measurement and aids such as binocular balance test, horizontal / vertical aniseikonia test, phoria test, and color vision test.

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projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600

24″ LCD Panel

Simplify the examination process and enjoy high quality with outstanding clarity with 24″ TFT monitor with high-resolution display for wider and clearer view. This monitor inlcude various installation methods for securing enough space even in limited área.

projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600

Fast and Silent Picture Loading
Independent Software System

Since the chart software is located in an USB, upgrading your EDC-2600 is simple. When you want to upgrade, simply load the new software in USB, plug in on the EDC-2600 and UPDATE. Another very important resource, that you can copy images in the USB, do plug-in in the EDC and show them in the computer.
projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600 projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600


The EDC-2600 provides vertical and horizontal line masking as well as single letter masking, so you can show patients exactly which line or letter you want them concentrate on.
projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600 projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600
projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600 projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600

projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600

Different Test and Charts

The EDC-2600 includes binocular balance test, astigmatism test and stereoscopic photos. It has different graphics: Landolt Ring, Snellen, Child Chart, Cross chart and more. In addition to visual and special functions for all types of patients, such as cataracts, strabismus and more.

projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600

Color-blindness Test

Preset seven type’s charts / Random selection function.

projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600

Eye Diagram

The EDC-2600 simplifies patient education with a built-in Eye Diagram. This tool is great to have at hand whenever there is a need to explain or demonstrate something to a patient.

projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600

Power Save

The power saving mode on the EDC-2600 will on when the product is not used.
The time can be set up. (1min, 3minus, 5mins, 10mins)
When any button on the remote control or refractor is pressed, saving power mode will canceled.

projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600

Remote Control

The remote control turns LCD chart on and off, and changes display for test.


The EDC-2600 can be wall mounted (mounting bracket included).
Installation distance is 1.5m to 7.0m for the adjustment according to user’s optometry environment.
projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600 projectors, screen and mirrors edc-2600

Additional information

Monitor Type

24" TFT, LED backlight

Monitor Resolution

1920 (H) x 1080 (V) pixel

Monitor Display Area

21 (H) x 12 (V) in


1. Landolt Ring / Snellen
2. Numbers / Letters / Korean
3. Children


1. Letter / Horizontal Line / Vertical Line
2. Normal / Center


Red and Green

Visual Function

1. Red and Green, Polar separation, Polar 3D
2. Red and Green 3D, Color blindness (Slide mode)

Special Function

Mirror mode / Contrast / White and Black reverse


59in ~ 296in (Step 9.8in)

Control Device

Wireless IR remote controller / Digital refractor

Screen Saver Function

Monitor off / Chart show (5sec, 10sec, 30sec)

Screen Saver Waiting Time

3min / 5min / 10min / 30min


23(W) x 14(V) x 2(D) in / 8.8 lb

Remote Control

3(W) x 8(V) x 1(D) mm / 0.35 lb

Power Supply

DC 12V

Power Consumption


Accessory Mount

Table / Floor(Option) / Wall(Option)

Accessory Glasses

Polar(Option) / Red and Green(Option)

Accessory Remote Control

1 pc

Accessory Battery

2 pcs (AA 1.5V)

Accessory Adaptor

1 pc

Accessory Serial Cable

1 pc

Accessory Power Cable

1 pc

Accessory Monitor Towel

1 pc



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