Ezer – EZ-Horus Lens 40°

This Non Mydriatic Ezer EZ-Horus Lens 40° with superb optics makes Fundus Screening incredibly precise yet easy and fast.
This EZ-Horus Lens 40° is used with the new Ezer EZ-Horus Manual Focus Camera. The Lens allows a full 40 degree examination of the fundus of the eye. Users will appreciate the 40-degree field of view for a great diagnosis. The unit features a unique, lightweight design that delivers impressive crisp, clear images with a 2M Pixels HD resolution. Combined with EZ-Horus Manual Focus Camera, everything is displayed on a 3.5” full color LCD display. This camera also allows you to easily transfer the images to a laptop, PC, or mobile device, and it is Wi-Fi compatible (with additional SD Card).

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ez horus manual focus camera ezer - us ophthalmic

EZ-Horus Lens 40°

40 Degree Field of View

Allows full examination of the fundus of the eye, taking images of the macula and optic nerve in a single image. Wide field of view is a must when treating patients.

ez horus manual focus camera ezer - us ophthalmic

Non Mydriatic

Using The EZ-Horus Lens 40° allows the ECP to avoid unnecessary mydriatic medications discomfort and side effects.

ez horus manual focus camera ezer - us ophthalmic


The 15 LED brightness levels guarantee quality images in various conditions. The LED provides a clear picture even if it’s taken in the darkness. Taking images outdoors will not affect the crystal clear fundus images quality.

ez horus manual focus camera ezer - us ophthalmic


IR illumination allows professionals to examine the eye in real time before taking the perfect image they are looking for.

High Quality Construction

The EZ-Horus 40 Lens meets and qualifies all standards of high quality construction.

Additional information



Field of View

Full 40 x 40 degrees

Pupil Diameter

≥ 0.14 in


0.87 lb


16 x 9 x 20.5 cm3

Optical Resource

Searching mode : In-frared LED
Capture mode: nature LED

Focus Range

+20 D to -20 D

Usage Time

180 minutes (around 600 shots)



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