Ezer – Diagnostic Wall Unit Transformer – EZ-WTC-5200 DC

The Ezer EZ-WTC-5200 DC Diagnostic Wall Unit Transformer C battery and AC Power provides safe, reliable power for all of your most important diagnostic tools, including ophthalmoscope, retinoscope, and otoscope units!
This wall-mounted transformer from Ezer is the perfect choice for your clinic or practice, especially when paired with other high-quality Ezer products. This advanced power supply can power ophthalmoscope, retinoscope, and otoscope units. (NOTE: Ophthalmoscope, retinoscope, otoscope, and other heads are sold separately)

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wall transformer ez-wtc-5200 DC Ezer - us ophthalmic
The Ezer EZ-WTC-5200 provides a safe method of delivering high-quality power to your most important diagnostic tools. The unit mounts conveniently to a wall, with a lengthy power cord that can stretch to just about anywhere in your office, attaching to a standard power outlet. The transformer unit converts the AC power from the wall unit into reliable, clean DC power, with which you can power your most delicate medical instruments.

wall transformer ez-wtc-5200 DC Ezer - us ophthalmic
Included are two handles with built-in output ports, which can be used to attach other Ezer diagnostic equipment, or any compatible medical devices. Each handle has been crafted with a specially designed, curled power cord that provides maximum stretch and flexibility, allowing you to reach every corner of the room with your equipment.

wall transformer ez-wtc-5200 DC Ezer - us ophthalmic
This diagnostic unit can also be powered by 3 type-C batteries allowing it to:
function normally under a power shortage;
be mounted in walls far away from AC outlets;
or be mounted in standard wheeled medical stands for great flexibility and convenience.

wall transformer ez-wtc-5200 DC Ezer - us ophthalmic
The unit has auto shut on/off sensors on both handles that automatically turn on and off the bulbs when the handles are removed or put back on the unit. This results in great convenience for the practitioner, energy savings, and increased bulb lifetimes. It also helps reducing cross-contamination with no on/off switch contact.

So don’t wait! The flexibility, power, and reliability of this Ezer EZ-WTC-5200 DC Diagnostic Wall Unit Transformer C battery and AC Power make it a perfect choice for your office or practice!

Additional information

Rated Input Voltage

5VDC For Adpater
4.5VDC For Three 'C' – size LR14 (alkaline) batteries


2×3.5 V / 200 mA

Operation Mode

Intermittent: on-time should not exceed 5 min with off-time not less than 2 min

Electrical Safety

Complying with EN60601-1 / EN60601-1-2
Protection: Internal electrical power Class II IPX0

Operation Environment Temperature

+10 °C – +35 °C

Operation Relative Humidity

30% – 75%

Operation Atmospheric Pressure

700 hPa – 1060 hPa


Common Conveyance

Storage Temperature

-40 °C – +55 °C

Storage Re. Humidity

10% – 90%

Storage Air Pressure

500 hPa – 1060 hPa



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