Pupillometer GR-4

Are you still performing PDs by millimeter rule? This complex and time-consuming testing could be more efficiently and reliably performed using this superbly designed Gilras Pupillometer.
The GR-4 uses an accuracy self-check function to minimize errors, resulting in faster, less variable results. It also features everything you need in one unit—including vertex distance measurement capabilities. With the GR-4 you will enjoy wide range measurement capabilities, digital read and LED in a device that boasts a sleek, ergonomic design.

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pupillometer gr-4 gilras

Easy to Use

It takes a tremendous amount of skill to accurately and consistently perform PDs by millimeter rule. A nasal cut for monocular PDs and a penlight to highlight the corneal reflex are all required and depend upon very good technique. On the other hand, pupillometers minimize errors, require less skill, are faster and reduce variability. The GR-4 uses an accuracy self-check function to minimize errors, resulting in faster, less variable results.

pupillometer gr-4 gilras

PD and Vertex

The GR-4 with Vertex Distance offers ease of use along with accuracy when measuring pupil distance. Now your staff can consistently measure binocular and monocular pupillary distance (PD). The measuring range is an impressive 45mm to 82mm binocular and 22.5mm to 41mm monocular.

pupillometer gr-4 gilras

Digital Read

This easy to use corneal reflection alignment system features digital high accuracy linear sensors to provide you with precise, reliable measurements resulting in the most accurate spectacle prescriptions.

Adjustable LED

The GR-4 features LED that operators can conveniently adjust according to brightness preference.


With this Gilras device you can set automatic power-off time to extend battery life.

Additional information

Effective Range of Measurement

Binocular pupillary distance: 1.77 ~ 3.23 in
Left or right pupillary distance: 0.88 ~ 1.61 in

Absolute Indication Error

≤ 0.02in

Absolute Asymetrical Error

≤ 0.02in

Absolute Rounding Error

≤ 0.02in

Distance of Target

11.8in ~ ∞

Power Source

Voltage: DC 3V
Specification: 5#AA battery
Quantity: 2 pieces

Time for Automatic Shut-off

About 1 minute after stopping operation, or turn it off manually


8.7(L) X 6.5(W) X 2.5(H) in




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