PPE Blue Mask Kids


Although the CDC has affirmed that young, healthy kids are not harmed when infected with Covid-19, they have also noted that younger kids are the most likely to spread the disease to others. Due to high interaction with others in school, as well as with friends and family, kids can expose hundreds of people around them to the Coronavirus; and since they often don’t even show any symptoms, a child can infect hundreds of people with the dangerous disease without ever knowing they have it themselves.

That’s why the kids’ version of the civilian Blue Mask is an essential PPE product to prevent infection in schools, pediatrics, hospitals, and homes. The traditional blue masks often have too large of a fit for young children with smaller faces, causing it to constantly be slipping or falling off. With the kids size 3-layer blue mask, children will be able to comfortably stay protected from infection while making sure to not infect others as well.

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