The CDC has come out with strong support for the conclusion that the Coronavirus spreads most prominently through social interaction within less than six feet distances. At such distances, small human liquid droplets can be transferred from one individual to another, whether it be through a sneeze, a cough, or even simple conversation. Since the virus can be present and contagious within humans for up to 14 days without symptoms, there really is no way of knowing if those who you interact with on a daily basis are a threat to your health.

With FDA approval, the KN-95 has become one of the most efficient and popular PPE masks out there. The respirator KN-95 is built to keep out all harmful particles in the air, including dust, haze, bacteria, and most importantly, droplets that can spread Covid-19. Being thermosealed, the KN-95 mask is more prepared to filter infectious particles than other respiratory alternatives, keeping both you and those around you healthy and safe.

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