PPE Shoe Cover Dispenser

Many studies have concluded that the Coronavirus can live on surfaces up to a period of 9 days, if not more. A simple sneeze of one individual can put the virus on a public floor that is later stepped on by hundreds of people who carry it in their shoes back to their very homes.

The all new, Shoe Cover Dispenser gives you a simple solution to avoid such contamination. Whether you want to wear a shoe cover when you go out to a public space, or you want to use them to isolate your shoes before you walk back into your house, this product gives you the easiest way to do so. With a simple step with each foot into the device, the Shoe Cover Dispenser automatically wraps your shoe with a shoe cover that will keep your shoes protected from infected surfaces until you return home where you can dispose of the cover before walking in.

The product loads up several shoe cover bags at a time, allowing you to use it over and over again without worrying about adding more shoe covers at every use. With its high efficiency, the Shoe Cover Dispenser is an ideal product to keep in front of your home, as well as at the entrance of workspaces to give both employees and patients the option of keeping their shoes dis-infected.

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