Luxvision – Trial Frame – TF-40

High-quality trial frames remain an essential tool in eye care practice. They reduce prescription remakes by giving patients an opportunity to experience their new glasses before paying for them.
The TF-40 trial frame is a perfect choice for any dispensary. It is both versatile and completely adjustable. This high quality trial frame features soft ear rests and holds up to four lenses on each side. The TF-40 is an excellent trial frame at an outstanding value.

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Trial Frame TF-40 luxvision - us ophthalmic

Holds 4 Pairs of Lenses

The high quality TF-40 Trial Frame holds up to four lenses on each side.

Trial Frame TF-40 luxvision - us ophthalmic

PD Adjustment

Both left and right pupillary distances can be adjusted on the TF-40 Frame.

Trial Frame TF-40 luxvision - us ophthalmic

Temple Adjustment

With the TF-40, you can ensure the best fit for an accurate trial prescription. Simply adjust the frame temple’s length by gently pulling on the adjustment part until it is in a comfortable position. Also, on the hinge of each temple, there is a frame temple angle adjustment knob that you can use to adjust the angle of the ear-hangers and ensure that the slanting angle of the trial frame is at about 15°.

Trial Frame TF-40 luxvision - us ophthalmic

Nose Pad Adjustment

With the TF-40, you can even adjust the nose pad to best suit the patient’s bridge. Adjustment knobs allow you to adjust nose pad length and angle.

Trial Frame TF-40 luxvision - us ophthalmic


The TF-40 trial frame features a soft ear rest for patient comfort.

Trial Frame TF-40 luxvision - us ophthalmic

Cylindrical and Prismatic Axis Adjustment

With the TF-40 trial frame, you can adjust the lens axis by rotating the astigmatic axis adjustment knob after the lenses are inserted.

Additional information

Range of PD Adjustments

PD of Both Eyes: 1.89 ~ 3.14 in
Left or Right PD: 0.94 ~ 1.57 in
Minimum Scale Value: 0.039 in

PD Tolerance

± 0.019 in

Scale Panel on Each Disk

Left Disk: 120º ~ 0º ~ 135º
Right Disk: 45º ~ 180º ~ 60º
Axial scale increases counter clockwise along the lens frame axis, and the minimum scale is 5º.

Inner Diameter of Lens Frame

Ø1.28 in

Number of Lens Holder for Left or Right Lens Frame


Degree of Lens Rotating around Optical Axis in the Lens Frame


Non-parallelism Degree Between Lens Optical Axis and Lens Frame's Geometric Axis

<= 0.1º in

Non-concentricity Between Lens Optical Center and Lens Frame Geometric Center

<= 0.019º in

Displacement of Lens in Relation to Position of Lens Frame Geometric Center

<= 0.011º in

Range of Nose Pad Adjustment

Length: 0º ~ 0.55 in
Angle: 0º ~ 30º

Range of Left or Right Lens Frame Temple's Length Adjustment

3.86 ~ 5.31 in

Maximum Interval between Left and Right Lens Frame Temples

7.87 in


0.16 lb



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