Luxvision – Trial Lens Set – TL-266

The Luxvision TL-266 features 266 hand-crafted glass lens pieces secured in metal rings. This robust kit comes in your choice of a leather or aluminum case with removable tray, diopter indicators, and dual combination locks for security.
Wide ranging sphere and cylinder powers, two cross cylinder lenses and a variety of accessory lenses will allow you to perform better testing on your entire patient base. This classic form of refraction enhances prescription accuracy for low vision patients in particular, offering accurate vertex distance, which is very helpful for high refractive error patients. Similarly, any patient who relies on eccentric viewing and needs to move their eyes or head to see around a scotoma can greatly benefit from trial frame refracting.

*Trial Frame not Included
*Case: Leather / Aluminum
*Rings: Metal

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Trial Lens Set TL-266 luxvision - us ophthalmic


The kit includes both concave (-) and convex (+) spherical lenses to examine myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia. Powers include ± 0.25D to ± 20.00D in 025D steps.


Examine astigmatism with the plus and minus cylindrical lenses included in the TL-266. Powers range from ± 0.25D to ± 6.00D.

Cross Cylinder Lenses

These lenses will help you examine the degree and axis position of the cylindrical lens when determining astigmatism.


You can perform prism testing up to 10∆D with the TL-266 Trial Lens Kit.

Frosted Lens

Use this semi-transparent cover lens for babies or outside of the room as an occluder.

Slit Lens

Examine astigmatism by turning this lens in front of the eye.

Color Lenses

The TL-266 includes red, green, blue, yellow and dark brown lenses for use in examining color sensitivity. The lenses are especially helpful for use with cataract patients as well as in color blindness testing.

Additional Lenses

Maddox, plano, occluder and pin hole lenses are also included in the TL-266.

Trial Lens Set TL-266 luxvision - us ophthalmic

Security Case

Select from your choice of a leather or aluminum case with the TL-266. Both designs feature dual combination locks for security.

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