Applanation Tonometer TN-180B

The Luxvision TN-180B mounts easily to the slit lamp and swings down into position from above the slit lamp so you can precisely measure intraocular pressure. And, when it’s not in use, the TN-180B doesn’t interfere with the slit lamp operation. This tonometer is a Goldmann-style device, which is widely acclaimed as the most common and direct method of assessing IOP. The accuracy of the TN-180B makes it an ideal fit for any practice.

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Applanation Tonometer Carl-Zeiss Type TN-180 Luxvision

The Gold Standard

Goldmann applanation tonometry is the most commonly used tonometer in clinical practice and remains the “gold standard” for tonometry worldwide. It was developed in the 1950s and is based on the Imbert-Fick law that states that the pressure in a sphere filled with fluid and surrounded by an infinitely thin and flexible membrane is measured by the counter-pressure, which just flattens the membrane to a plane.

Applanation Tonometer Carl-Zeiss Type TN-180 Luxvision

Unique Design

The unique swing-down design of the TN-180B was masterfully engineered. When selecting the TN-150B, you can count on accurate readings regardless of scleral rigidity and it offers a direct, precise numerical value. Measuring pressure also can be calibrated, which ensures reliable measurements and guarantees stability over a long period of time.

Applanation Tonometer Carl-Zeiss Type TN-180B Luxvision
When used with slit lamp, it can be used to examine the eyes and mensure the ocular pressure. Directly get the ocular pressure and do not need to look up the conversión table. The measured ocular pressure is not affected by harenes of eye.

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Measuring Range


Movement of Light Circle

0.06×2 = 0.12in

Diameter of Probe


Moving Range of Probe


With Slit Lamps

serials of Crane and others with suspension arm interface




8.26 x 6 x 4in



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