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VisionFit-SC: Revolutionizing the Subjective Refraction! VisionFit SC is an innovative electronic, tunable, all-in one, solid state, mobile and wearable refraction system utilizing Adaptive Optics.
It is used to perform a subjective vision examination in any environment and room size. Effectively replacing both the trial glasses and the manual/electronic phoropter, it enables refractive examination in a standing or sitting position and for distance, medmid range, or near working distances. VisionFit SC does not require a specific patient’s position which is why it is idealis an ideal choice for working with immobile or physically challenged patients. Exam room size accommodations can be preset to adapt to working distances between 1 – 6 meters, providing the doctor with the flexibility to offer services in almost any environment.

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wireless adaptive refractor visionfit adaptica - us ophthalmic

The evolution of subjective refraction

The technology implemented in the VisionFIt was developed in the University of Padova, the second oldest university worldwide, in the same Astronomy department where Galileo Galilei design the first telescope. Through the years, the University of Padova specialized in adaptive optics and optoelectronics applied to industry and astronomical research. Leveraging on its technological know-how and competences in Astronomy going from the macro-cosmos to explore the micro-cosmos of the human eye.

wireless adaptive refractor visionfit adaptica - us ophthalmic
VisionFit is an innovative electronic, tunable, all-in one, solid state, mobile and wearable system of lenses. It performs a subjective sight examination and effectively replaces both the trial glasses and the manual/electronic phoropter functionality.
Wearable and mobile – it fits just like a trial frame
Adjustable step resolution down to 0.05 D
Enables examining in free posture
Small footprint and reduced exam time
Increases peripheral vision
Doesn’t require control of the patient’s position
Ideal with non-cooperative patients and handicap
Connectivity, broad recording and printing capabilities
Faster and more efficient than the standard digital phoropter
Does not require any infrastructure nor refractory unit
Subjective refraction can be performed in association with other biomedical devices

wireless adaptive refractor visionfit adaptica - us ophthalmic

Adaptive Lenses

The VisionFit Adaptive Lenses’ revolutionary spherical and cylindrical lens technology operates under a very similar principle to the human crystalline lens. Similar to the human crystalline lens, the VisionFit has the ability to adjust and change dioptric power while being controlled electronically by the operator. This allows for a more accurate and fluid subjective-sight examination process for both the operator and the patient.

wireless adaptive refractor visionfit adaptica - us ophthalmic

Diopters Increment Down to 0.05D

One of the greatest benefits of the VisionFit Adaptive Lenses is the high-precision single lens technology. With just one lens, the professional has a full range of dioptric values with astonishingly precise incremental steps of 0.05D. This incredible accuracy is achieved by the unique adaptive lens technology which is linearly designed to mimic the human crystalline lens making the VisionFit an unparalleled tool for refractive surgeons. Another great benefit is its instant response to electronic stimuli, this makes the process of preparing the patient’s prescription fast and accurate. Cutting down the examination process and increasing examination accuracy is our main objective!

wireless adaptive refractor visionfit adaptica - us ophthalmic

Wider Peripheral Vision

Due to the VisionFit’s slim and compact design, the peripheral vision is wider than any other phoropter available. This feature makes VisionFit the new concept for subjective refraction. By increasing the peripheral range this not only opens the door to a variety of new testing capabilities, but also allows the patient to have more confidence in the accuracy of their final prescription glasses.

Electronic Trial Frame
Adaptive Spherical Lens
Adaptive Cylindrical Lens
Add-On Lens Support

wireless adaptive refractor visionfit adaptica - us ophthalmic

Wearable and Mobile

Subjective refraction can be performed with the patient in any position due to the mobility of the unit. This allows the patient to move freely around the room to accurately test how the patient will feel with the final prescription. This increased amount of mobility creates a more comfortable procedure for both the patient and operator.

wireless adaptive refractor visionfit adaptica - us ophthalmic

Versatile and Convenient

The VisionFit allows for an increased amount of versatility regarding examination room layout. By eliminating bulky refractory stands, more space can be utilized for additional needs. The versatility of this modern device, allows a comfortable experience for all patients including those who may use large wheelchairs.
The device’s unique portability eliminates the large refraction unit or special installation procedures to receive the desired results. The patient wears the VisionFit lens frame like a regular trial frame and looks through it at a standard eye chart – or any other near or far targets. While the patient is examining the chart, the operator will adjust the position and configuration of the optics with the user-friendly control panel application.

wireless adaptive refractor visionfit adaptica - us ophthalmic


The VisionFit, being the top-of-the line subjective refraction system, utilizes WiFi and Bluetooth connection to synchronize with the 2WIN as well as the control panel. This wireless system also eliminates the problems caused by excess cords that may get in the way of the patient and operator.
The device can also be controlled remotely by the operator, which provides the most feasible and versatile option for diagnostic and service needs. Allowing the doctor to work at the comfort of his desk. Due to the fast and reliable wifi connection, the VisionFit can receive 2WIN objective Rx data which will minimize the examination process. The bluetooth functionality of the equipment makes it easier than ever to pair with any Android tablet. Standard cord connection is also available to the user.

wireless adaptive refractor visionfit adaptica - us ophthalmic

Portable and Rechargeable

The VisionFit allows the professional to accommodate his entire refraction practice in a single carry-on that can be taken immediately to practice everywhere. To ensure the portability and functionality of the VisionFit SC, equipped with a rechargeable and replaceable battery pack. This battery pack provides a 2-3 day charge, which allows the doctor peace of mind that his equipment will be available to use when needed. The ability to use the device over and over without a charge is as incredible benefit for fast-paced ophthalmic clinics.

wireless adaptive refractor visionfit adaptica - us ophthalmic

Control Panel Operated

To accommodate existing devices of the practice, the VisionFit system is controlled by an app that can be downloaded on any Android tablet. The tablet serves as control panel that can receive data from 2WIN and allows the operator to adjust power diopters, axis, JCC and much more. Another benefit of the usage of an app is the constant upgrading of its software, allowing the professional to always have the latest and greatest technology available to their practice.

wireless adaptive refractor visionfit adaptica - us ophthalmic

Print Capabilities

VisionFit provides incredibly versatile prescription printing options, which allows the results to be shared with email, message, Bluetooth, and WiFi. This variety accommodates different practice needs. It provides four output files that can be viewed or transferred. These files include two PDFs for prescription screening results, and detailed subjective refraction regarding EMR needs, JSON files and XML files are also provided.

wireless adaptive refractor visionfit adaptica - us ophthalmic

Adjustable Referral Threshold

With the combination of the VisionFit SC and the 2WIN binocular handheld refractometer and vision analyzer, the operator can perform an objective and subjective refraction exam in only a few minutes. By introducing this wireless, wearable, light-weight, and highly innovative device to the medical space, we envision a minimalistic and modern future to clinical ophthalmic examinations.
The stylish simplicity of this refraction system, mixed with an increased accuracy of results, makes the VisionFit a cutting-edge addition to the future of diagnostic technology.

Additional information

Spherical Correction Range

-10/+10 D and -20/+20 D with the use of an additional lens with prescription steps of 0.125 D and variable fluidity steps
(adjustable from 0.05 to 0.25 D) with the use of the basic spherical lens.


Variable fluidity steps adjustable from 0.05 to 0.25 D

Cylindrical Correction Range

0 to 10 D by steps of 0.25 D

Axis Adjustment Range

1-180° by steps of 1°

Additional Prismatic Lenses Range(optional)

0 to 10 Δ, steps 1 Δ (add on – no automatic)

Corneal Vertex Distance Range

0.4-0.7 in

Manual Pupil Distance Adjustment Range

1.97-3.15 in, separated right and left

Device Free Aperture

30 degrees


Tablet 9.6 inches multiple touch

Bluetooth Module

BT 4.0 low energy


Battery powered LI-ION 3400mAh NCR18650B (Polarized type, BottomTop) 4 cells

Battery Charger

AC-DC Medical Converter 24V 60W



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