The ERK-9000 Autorefractor / Keratometer is designed to function independently, or to be seamlessly integrated in the Ezer Digital Practice line, allowing doctors to perform a full digital vision exam, from pretest to Rx.

* Autorefractor / Keratometer * Auto-Shoot Programming * IOL Mode
* Wide Dioptric Measurement Range * Illumination Mode * Simple and Convenient User interface
* Ergonomic Joystick * Motorized Chin Rest * High-Speed Auto-Cutting Printer
* Accurate Iris and Pupil Measurement * Utilizes Bluetooth Adapter & RS-232 connectivity for easy * Network Access Network Capability

Ezer’s EDR-9000 Digital Refractor features an LCD high-resolution, color touchscreen, control panel which provides optometrists with superior functionality, convenience, and fast measurements. Ezer recently re-engineered this unit to include enhancements found on much more expensive machines. It comes with a full range of built-in tests and modalities, complemented by silent motors and quick reboot time. The slim, compact design, eliminates any potential tunnel vision effect that some patients may perceive with deeper optical heads.
* The Digital Refractor contains an 8″ LCD elegant color touch-screen panel, which provides tilt, and screen reversal, built-in printer, and more.
* Use it independently, or as part of the Ezer digital practice platform.
* Run a full range of built-in tests, or use it for general subjective measurement it ensures that the professional calls the best shots!

This high-tech lensmeter provides essential and necessary support for the entire eye-care industry. It’s High-resolution LCD touch screen guides operators, enhancing their speed, precision, as well as reducing their stress and errors. The ELM-9000 A Automatically switches modalities adapting its display screen to the type of lens measured.

* Functions as a Universal reader,(for All-types of Lens measurements, single, sunglasses, progressives, or contact lenses) * Accurately Measures Wide Measurement Ranges * Intuitively user-friendly
* Takes Contact Lens Measurements * Lens Marking Device * Built-in Automatic Printer

The Ezer EDC-2600 is the latest digital chart; the 24″-inch LCD color screen provides all the necessities for visual acuity measurements, with helpful image enhanced explanations. The EDC-2600 includes the binocular balance test, astigmatism test, and stereoscopic photos. Graphics included are Landolt Ring, Snellen, Child Chart, Cross Chart, and more. It also includes special functions to visually service patient issues: cataracts, strabismus.

* 24″-inch LCD Color screen * Fixation Point * Randomization
* Independent Software * Masking * System
* Black-White Reversal * Power Save mode * Contrast Adjustment
* Remote Control * Different Test and Charts * Color-Blindness Test

Ezer ERU-2600 Refraction Unit Chair offers full functionality innovative design, and endurance to last

* 180-degree angle reclining chair * elevation system for seat, backrest, and legs make it afavorite among eye care specialists. * Control panel ensures efficient operation
* Quiet, oil-free electric gear motor * Made from durable and attractive materials that are easy to clean

The ERU-2600 Stand complements all of Ezer’s examination chairs.

* Innovative design with pantographic arms * Keep Diagnostic instruments within easy reach * Convenient controls
* Overhead lamp * Table for slit lamp and refractor * Sleek, modern design
* Affordable price * Endurance to last