$3000 Trade-in Offer: Big Savings on a new ERK 9000 Autorefractor

Put that old autorefractor to good use – toward the purchase of a new, feature rich ERK 9000 Autorefractor.

If you have an old, unreliable, even broken or not working autorefractor, use it to help improve your practice. You can earn a credit of $3000 for trading in your old autorefractor for a new Ezer ERK 9000. This is a big savings for this accurate, high functioning instrument that will serve you well for years to come.

When you purchase the ERK 9000, let us know that you have an autorefractor trade-in for this program. USO will ship an extra box with your order for you to return the old unit. The customer pay for round trip shipping of the new and old units.

FAQ: Do I have to ship back the old unit?
A: Yes, USO will refurbish the old unit, if possible, for use in 3rd world countries or charity project. All other units will be salvaged for parts.

FAQ: Is this trade-in value good for any USO product?​
A: Sorry – no. This is only valid with the purchase of the ERK 9000.

FAQ: Who pays for shipping?
A: The customer pays for ship of the instruments. USO will use our volume discount to get the best “round trip” price for the new unit to customer and the return of the old unit to USO. We’ll provide an estimate and labels before the unit is shipped.

FAQ: How does USO stand behind their products?
A: All Ezer brand digital instruments come with a 2 year warranty.

FAQ: How can I get more information?
A: Call us anytime at (786) 621-0521 and ask for Sales for the US. Or email us at info@usophthalmic.com

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