Alberto Amos LATAM Caribbean Clinical Sales

Alberto Amos

LA/Caribbean Retail Sales Representative

My name is Alberto Amos, I’m in charge of the area of Mrkt Specialist Latin America and the Caribbean and I was born in Venezuela – Caracas.

With our long experience in the field of Ophthalmology for more than 18 years, we make sure that our clients improve or start all those years that they have been study for so long, now is time to put it in real life. We show them how is the process of growth of an optician from its beginning or in the case of continuing to grow and reach a greater number of patients with greater speed without losing quality. For that, you need the correct instrument to reach this goal. There, is were we get it to, assistant and teach ours customers what instrument are better for them and whats are the benefits (commercial and medical).

My favorite Hobby is doing sports and reading.

I have almost 5 years in the company.