Based in South Florida, US Ophthalmic has been in business since 1992. We are the leading distributor of high quality ophthalmic and medical equipment in US. Having access to cutting-edge technology all over the world, our loyal relationships with partners and end-consumers inspire us to find and deliver the most dependable products that the marketplace has to offer.

In 2002, US Ophthalmics located its headquarters and warehouse in Doral, Florida. At US Ophthalmic, we know that ensuring the best and timeliest solutions for all of our partners’ needs is key to our success. For this reason, US Ophthalmic employs only the most creative and dedicated team members.

Gustavo Lancewicki
Gustavo Lancewicki CEO

Originally from Argentina, Gustavo started his life as an entrepreneur and his love for the Optical world at a very early age. After getting his technical degrees in Electronics, and a specific degree in Optics & Contact lens, he jumped into academia to get his Engineering degree.

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Carina Lancewicki
Carina Lancewicki CFO

Born in Argentina, Carina has been the acting CFO at US Ophthalmic since their opening in 2002 and holds an Accountant Bachelor degree. When it comes to the business, Carina is passionate about finding the perfect balance between innovation, quality and precision.

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Flora Pazos
Flora Pazos Accounting & Finance Manager

Flora has been invaluable to US Ophthalmic since 2013. She holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Miami and a Licentiate in Business Administration. She oversees all areas of finance and administration.

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Claudio Fernandez
Claudio Fernandez LA Sales Manager

Bruno Luppi
Bruno Luppi LA Business Development Representative-Huvitz

I graduated in Business Management in 2012. Also Studied in Vancouver/ Canada for a year. Worked for an American Company with more than 10K employees around the globe.

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Alberto Amos
Alberto Amos LA/Caribbean Speciality

My name is Alberto Amos and I was born in Venezuela - Caracas. With our long experience in the field of Ophthalmology for more than 18 years, we make sure that our clients improve or start all those years that they have been study for so long, now is time to put it in real life.

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Gal Barkats
Gal Barkats International Sales Business Development Representative

Osmel Martinez
Osmel Martinez USA Technical Department Manager

Osmel joined USOphthalmic in 2018. Graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Engineering.

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Luis Amargos
Luis Amargos LA Technical Department Manager

Lisa Enriquez
Lisa Enriquez Accounting/Finance Assistant

Lisa is part of our customer relations team at US Ophthalmic since 2018. In this role, Lisa supports the team by providing unparalleled customer satisfaction. She is an excellent team player with a ``can do`` attitude.

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Blondie Orta
Blondie Orta Executive Assistant

Born in Havana, Cuba, I moved to Italy where I studied in a Technical Commercial School obtaining a Diploma in Accountancy and later a Bachelor’s Degree in International Cultures, Languages and Literature.

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Miriela Valenzuela
Miriela Valenzuela Web Developer

Born in Havana, where she studied Computer Science at the university. On September 2011, I joined the US Ophthalmic team.

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Marjory Molina
Marjory Molina Customer Service Manager

Marjory graduated with a degree in Accounting and Business Administration and has been a valuable player at US Ophthalmic since July 2015. She has had a remarkable impact by facilitating communication between the US Ophthalmic team.

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Karina Barbosa
Karina Barbosa LA Customer Service Representative