Diagnostic and Laser Lens EDL-90D

The Ezer EDL-90D Diagnostic Lens pursues advanced aspheric design for a precise indirect diagnostic with Slit Lamp.
The EDL-90D by Ezer is a must have for fundus exams at the Slit Lamp Microscope. This general diagnostic lens is also exceptionally well suited for examining patients with small pupils. The EDL-90D offers specialized optical qualities only found in the most high-end diagnostic and laser lenses. Users will benefit immensely from the computer optimized aspheric design of this lens. It features a small diameter ring which is ideal for dynamic funduscopy This outstanding lens is made of high-transmittance glass to achieve distortion-free, bright, and clear images.

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Exam Principles

With indirect ophthalmoscopy, the fundus is illuminated by light passing through the EDL-90D lens. The returning light then passes back through the EDL-90D to form a real, inverted image of the fundus between the lens and the practitioner.

Diagnostic and Laser Lens EDL-90D Ezer - us ophthalmic

BIO Advantages

The advantages of binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy compared to direct exams are the excellent, stereoscopic field of view and the ability to assess subtle diffuse fundus color changes.

Diagnostic and Laser Lens EDL-90D Ezer - us ophthalmic

Outstanding Optics

The EDL-90D is the perfect lens for fundoscopy and is especially well suited for examining patients with small pupils. It is made of high-transmittance glass to achieve distortion-free imaging. Users will obtain bright, clear images across the entire field.

Unique Features

The EDL-90D features a computer optimized aspheric design that minimizes reflections and delivers high-resolution images. A small diameter holding ring also contributes to ease of use.

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