PPE Face Shield

While masks are very effective at protecting individuals from cross contamination through human droplets, they can’t really do much to protect a person from contaminating themselves. Amongst many of their recommendations, the CDC has frequently warned people from excessively touching their face with their hands. The reason for this is because one hand’s are the most likely to come in contact with the disease, and the face is where the virus is most likely to enter one’s body and infect an individual.

It’s hard to constantly be aware of our hands and avoid touching our face. A simple scratch of an ear or rub of an eye can contaminate an individual whose hands had been exposed to the disease. The innovative Face Shield automatically solves that problem. Not only does it block all human droplets that can carry Covid-19, the Face Shield also assures that one doesn’t unconsciously touch his face with his hands, which could lead to contamination. For added protection, the face shield could also be used with any type of mask.

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